“Drops of Drizzle” – Poetry

The sky turned grey
and the darkness hovered over the sky
Soon the thunders roared
and the scared clouds began to cry

The hustle and bustle came to a halt
Came to a halt the wheels of time
But all their outcry was overshadowed
by the loud rhythms of rainy chime

The nature has again made us happy
with the beauty she bestow in her womb
The rain drops drooling down the leaves
and falling down to sleep blissfully in her tomb

The beauty so breathtaking
so encaptivating is the the fall
I wish I had just thrown away the umbrella
and dance like a total crazy frog

Let the rain sing the song
and we listen to it
like a little kid

The hymns of the gathered souls
uplift my spirits so high
that I feel close to the zenith
far enough, beyond the sky

But, the only complaint I had
why it had to end so soon
And then came the reply
A beautiful rainbow smiled all over the sky.

© Ezekiel Hawk. All Rights Reserved.

“Everyone Has a Story” Book Review

I was never a writer and I don’t aspire to be either. I was never a good reader and I don’t know if I will be ever. But now, I have been much more.

Author Bio

Author Savi Sharma

A simple girl from Surat, Savi Sharma is the co-founder of the motivational media blog Life and People.

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Book Details

Author – Savi Sharma

Published – 2nd August, 2015

Pages – 184

MRP – Rs. 150 (paperback)

Reading Time – 90 mins.


Meera – Aspiring author, HR

VivaanAssistant branch manager at Citibank, aspiring traveler and Meera’s love

Kabir – Café manager

Nisha – Crying baby, Kabir’s love

Mr. Arjun Mehra – Renowned author, Meera’s idol

Priya Aunty – Vivaan’s aunt


Everyone Has a Story by Savi Sharma

The story introduces 26-year old Meera who aspires to be a great author like Mr. Arjun Mehra and is desperately looking for a riveting story to share.

She falls in love with the prince charming – Vivaan as she finds him mysteriously attractive (cause he ignores her) and his story worth to delve on.

However, Vivaan is reluctant to share his past and instead points the gun to her friend Kabir. In an instant, Savi’s views for Kabir changes. Wow!

Kabir narrates his love story how he met Nisha and probably ended up being a c*****a. Nisha used to visit Kabir’s cafe regularly to sob being ditched by his boyfriend, while Kabir used to give her cold coffee without asking anything in return. Unconditional love. He was even ready to compromise with his meager salary just to buy coffee for her.

Interestingly, Nisha never bothered to pay or talk to him. One day, when Kabir gathered the courage to ask her about her pain, Nisha became furious and left the cafe, yelling “None of your business.”

She visited a month later. Kabir thinks it was because of his cold coffee and they, consequently, fall in love.

However, Kabir is not prepared to marry yet because he thinks the salary is not enough to afford a marriage or a new family. Vivaan straightaway gives him INR 5,00,000 in cheque so that they can live a happy married life. How sweet of you!

Vivaan and Meera start spending time and they, undoubtedly, fall in love with each other.

But, Vivaan quits his well-paying job and moves abroad to fulfill his traveling dreams, without informing Meera. The more the people he confronts, the more he remembers Meera and finally he realises his true love is Meera and not traveling, that he has been dreaming for such a long period of time.

He eventually returns and tells Meera about his past. But, Meera is hurt thinking he doesn’t love her and still loves his ex Radha, who died being raped in her wedding. Meera runs away and meets a severe accident. Vivaan cries holding her hand, while she is struggling with her life lying in the hospital bed.

With the passage of time, Meera recovers and becomes a renowned author, just like Savi. When asked in the press conference, Meera and Vivaan announce they will still be traveling but together.


“It’s not a story and maybe it’s not love.”

“He might have escaped for the moment, but the excited pounding of my heart told me that I found my story.”

“I stared at the words on the pages, fisting my hands in silent triumph over the pen.”

“He was the traveler. He escaped again.”

“If emotions were colors, I know I would have witnessed a beautiful piece of artwork in a few seconds’ time.”

Odd Lines

There will be no one pressuring me to make deadlines.

feeling the wind in my hair

look longingly up at the spikes

friends of the female variety

They must all have ulcers from all the stress.

I had pulled off a long-guarded bandage and showed her the deep wound that I had hidden from her for so long.

What Could Have Been Done Better

  • Introduction of Nisha
  • Vivaan’s past


The story is not fleshed enough to be a bollywood movie.


It’s surprising that this book claims to be an Amazon bestseller with a 3.28 average goodreads rating.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

The story is undoubtedly inspired by “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”. It was released two years before the book was published. There are a lot of similarities.

  • Both of them feature a character named Kabir.
  • The male protagonist is an aspiring traveler, but later realises that being with love is more important than traveling alone (the moral of the disney movie “Up”)
  • The male protagonist gives up his dream and returns to his love.

In the run to effectively pace the story, Savi ate a lot of scenes writing an incomplete novel. The second-half is so predictable that I started skimming entire chapters including Vivaan’s world tour, without losing anything essential of the story.

Though its Savi’s debut novel, the amateur writing is too apparent to ignore. Under developed and unrealistic characters with uninteresting and lame dialogues ruin the story to the core.

The so called critics have still acclaimed the novelist. One of them cited “Savi Sharma is a Relentless Storyteller.” – New Indian Express

Rating (3/5)








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